Choosing the Right Gift Basket

Choosing the right gift basket can be a very daunting task. There are so many gift baskets to choose from, it can become very overwhelming. Let us try and simplify it for you.

First, you have to decide on a price range. Here at The Gift Basket Gallery, all our products in our categories are arranged by price, starting at the lowest. Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs that will be added. Beware of some offers of free shipping. We have noticed that sometimes the cost of the products is higher to compensate for offering free shipping.

Next is what kind of gift basket you are shopping for. Most sites break down their products into categories. Usually, categories consist of Specialty Gift Baskets. Specialty Gift Baskets are categories like Corporate, Gourmet, Chocolates and such. Then there Theme Gift Baskets. Theme Gift Baskets are gift baskets designed with a certain theme in mind such as Baby, Wedding, Thank You, etc. Then there is always the Holiday Gift Baskets. These include all Holidays such as Christmas and Easter and special days like Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Know the person that you are buying the gift basket because that will help you out a lot when it comes to picking out the right gift basket. If you know things such as their favorite color, fruit, chocolate or other things like that you will be able to choose the gift much easier.

Picking the right basket


Now, picking the right basket. Let’s say you are shopping for a Thank You gift. You can go directly to the Thank You category, find your price range, and be done. If you have some time to shop, you may want to go to the search box, put in your price range, and look at all the products a site has to offer at that price. Keep in mind all categories will be included. You will be seeing all holiday gifts in that price range too. You can also look at all the categories offered and narrow it down. Sometimes other categories offer a product that will be perfect too. Instead of the usual Thank You gift basket, a Fresh Fruit Gift Basket, Chocolate Gift Basket, Cookie Gift Basket or a Gift Basket With a Personalized Ribbon will suit your needs and you just gear your message towards the sentiment you wish to express.

We hope this has helped you out a little. Remember, no matter what gift you choose, the recipient is sure to be very happy with your selection and the thoughtful gesture.

Wine Gift Basket

Do you have a client or someone special that you would like to show your appreciation to? You have come to the right place. A Wine Gift Basket is the perfect choice. Filled with quality wines and food items to complement the wines, they are a perfect gift to let someone how important they are to you.Gifting someone wine has been a thing for a very long time because it is a great way to show someone that they are important to you or you can show gratitude with a nice wine basket. Wines are one very unique gift that can represent a lot of things. Usually, people are gifting wine to someone when they want to show their feelings or respect.

There are no rules when it comes to wine gifting, you can gift any wine to someone, but you have to keep in mind that they will most likely know if the wine was cheap. Therefore, if you are gifting a wine from respect or gratitude, you want to make sure that the wine is high-quality. That way the person you have gifted to will know that you really care.

Know the Person

wine basketIn order to maximize your success with gifting a wine basket, the best thing that you can do is to get to know the person well enough to know what type of wine they like the most. That is important because there are a lot of different types of wines that you can choose from and you don’t want to gift a white wine to a person that only drinks red wines.

Of course, there is a much-detailed information needed such as does the person likes fruity wines or the ones that don’t have a very flavored taste. If you know exactly what does the person like in a wine, then you will be good to go. With a quality wine, you can make someone feel like they are tasting a very special fruit. Furthermore, we will make sure that the presentation of the wine basket is in pristine condition and meets your needs. After all our main goal is to please each of our customers.With every order you will receive a $25 Gift Card and be entered to win a Gift Basket. Wine Gift Basket orders must be placed by 11.00 A.M. EST.